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Gamezola offers a Secure Way of Trading Games

Security of getting an authentic working game is essential to trading. Many gamers have shown disapproval of other sites which have gamers send their trades directly to each other. At Gamezola, you are asked to send your game into their offices for verification. After verification, the games are swapped and sent to their new owners along with shipment tracking. Gamezola's policy requires that all traded games must have the disc, original case, artwork, and manual so that the game's re-trade value sustains. This is a crucial difference that makes Gamezola stand out from other trading venues.

Gamezola hits the video game trading scene for gamers with not so deep pockets. NPD reports that last year alone, video games have generated $12.5 billion in sales. Video games these days can cost over $60.00 at retail price. Gamezola is committed to offering its community a way to not spend so much on games by providing a venue for easy trading. The site's design is very simple to understand. You list your game for a game you want. An eBay-like search field is provided that lists all current games up for trade. Listing a game up on Gamezola is free as well.

Tracking games can be a pain but not for Gamezola traders. Each trade's events are logged from the moment the trading starts. Each occurrence is displayed to their traders giving ease of mind that their game is actively being traded. Purchasing of tokens is made easy with the use of PayPal which is more widely used due to the growth of eBay. Well the question might as well be "who hasn't used PayPal".

Here's what Simon Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Gamezola had to say, "We were simple gamers who just got tired of spending so much on used or new games from retailers. So we started developing Gamezola for gamers by gamers."

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