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gameXplore® Publishes "The Book Of Games Volume 1" the First and Ultimate Video Game Reference Book

Hardcover Coffee-Table Book Features Beautifully Illustrated Information Packed Game Profiles, Hardware, the History of Video Games and Genre Overvie


Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Nov 1, gameXplore, the first company to systematically describe, compare, and categorize the content and challenges of interactive games, launches The Book of Games Volume 1, offering a complete compendium of today's most important games and platforms. For the first time there is a resource for players to review and understand the different electronic games, how they work, why they are popular and a description of the various genres.

Through gameXplore, the authors' have been able to provide a unique perspective, in part due to their extensive experience with interactive gaming but also because of the access they have to the vast database of video and PC gaming content. They were able to apply this enormous amount of information to a book specifically focused toward the consumer, which captures the industry, the games as well as the deep graphical look and feel of video gaming.

"From our research, it was clear that there was a demand from the video gaming consumer for the remarkable database of information we had at gameXplore," said Bendik Stang, editor, founder & chairman of gameXplore. "We knew we could create the ultimate guide to PC and video gaming to satiate a gamers unending passion for more information. We also found a secondary benefit for parents who can borrow their kids Book of Games and have a more informed conversation about title and genre choices."

Created by an international team of contributors The Book of Games is not just any book; it is a beautifully illustrated experience that offers information on a wide variety of topics related to interactive PC and video gaming.

· The Book of Games delivers exciting stories about the future of gaming and the short but fascinating history of video games.

· It provides explanations of different game genres and hardware platforms, as well as pieces on current issues, such as the relationship between movies and video gaming, the controversies of video game research, and the battles between the hardware giants.

· It offers a glossary. Not your typical boring glossary of technical terms, but easily readable explanations and anecdotes on everything from Afk to XGA.

· The Book of Games present games by genre throughout the book and includes reference tables on game titles alphabetically by title, platform, and age recommendations.

"It was about time somebody made a book like this!" stated Aimar Niedzwiedzki, of Electronic Arts

More than 600 games are published every year. Many of them are uninteresting, some are mediocre or tasteless, and some are simply so bad they are almost unplayable. The Book of Games authors decided to pick a much smaller number of games based on several criteria. They looked for high-quality games that were representative of the different genres. And picked games that represented something different, something new or exciting. The book delivers a vivid representation of each game's remarkable world, showing what might appear on a TV screen or computer monitor and features major games on all platforms currently on the market.

Readers will discover:

Gameplay characteristics of each game and how it compares to others The differences between a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, and DS What Massively Multiplayer Online Games are really about The thrilling future of games

"The Book of Games, was published to reach those wanting to take a moment away from the screen to leaf through the wondrous world of video games the old-fashioned way; through a book," said Erik Hoftun, Editor, President & Cofounder of gameXplore-North America. "This will be the first of many Book of Games to capture the annual nuances and insider insights of the gaming industry -becoming the only annual resource reviewing each year of PC and video gaming."

The Book of Games Volume 1 is distributed in North America by Independent Publishers Group, Chicago. For information about distribution in Europe and other territories, contact For more information about Book of Games and gameXplore®, as well as contact details, see and

Title: The Book of Games Volume 1

Authors: Bendik Stang, Hans Christian Bjorne, Erik Hoftun, Jorgen Kirksaether, Joey Lesh, Morten A. Osterholt, Eric V. Segalstad

Pub Date: November 1, 2006

Publisher: gameXplore® N.A. Inc

ISBN-13: 978-82-997378-0-7

ISBN-10: 82-997378-0-X

Distributors: Independent Publishers Group, Chicago


List Price: $29.95 (Can $37.50)

Format: Hardcover, 7 ½ x 9 1/4, 448 pgs, 1,500 plus photos/illustrations

Media Contact:

Jennifer McLean


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