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GAMEVIL USA takes Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood to the U.S.

Revolutionary Networked Mobile Game Readied For U.S. Networks

Los Angeles, California--November 15th, 2006--GAMEVIL USA, the Los Angeles-based mobile games publisher, has revealed that it will soon be bringing its one-of-a-kind mobile masterpiece, Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood, to the U.S.

Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood is a story-driven mobile adventure game that will deliver a more profound and technologically impressive experience than many U.S. mobile gamers have ever seen. A great empire is beset by a bloody civil war, wherein rival factions vie for ultimate power and great generals rise and fall on the national battlefield. As a solitary mercenary without set allegiance, you must choose which side is worthy of your support, punishing all others with an arsenal of deadly weapons and amazing martial arts techniques. Ultimately, the fate of the empire will rest on the balance of your decisions--a grave responsibility for a simple warrior.

The scope of the stand-alone version of Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood is more accurately compared to console games than the typical mobile competition. Players will be able to collect over a thousand weapons and items; meet and converse with dozens of nobles, generals, and fellow warriors; and work towards one of twenty-four unique endings.

Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood's stand-alone version will be released first, and the pending network-enabled version of the game's cutting edge multiplayer features build on this foundation. While connected to the cellular network, players will be able to discover rare online-only items, engage in four-way cooperative battles, unleash multiplayer melee in guild fights comprised of an unlimited amount of players, and even take over a rival player's castle. Items and character attributes will be transferable between stand-alone and online modes, adding to the competitive frenzy.

Given that the South Korean edition of Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood currently generates over 37,000 online sessions a day, GAMEVIL USA will be very pleased to allow U.S. mobile gamers access to a new kind of interactive mobile entertainment via high-speed network infrastructures. "Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood changes the way you think about mobile gaming. The exemplary game play depth and the connectivity of the upcoming networked version create a very remarkable gaming experience. We are so thrilled to be able to unveil this type of mobile gaming experience," said Allen G. Lee, GAMEVIL USA's Vice President of Business Development.

GAMEVIL USA hits marketing hard again and will kick off the launch of their new title with a new promotion entitled the GAMEVIL Imperial Sweepstakes. Once the sweepstakes begins, contestants may enter to win by downloading Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood on their mobile device, uploading their customized character to the GAMEVIL Live server, and filling out a form online by visiting The GAMEVIL Imperial Sweepstakes is scheduled to start upon the launch of Path of a Warrior: Imperial Sweepstakes, and prizes include a Samsung LCD HDTV, Motorola KRZRs, and additional gift certificates!


GAMEVIL is a premier global mobile games publisher headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and Seoul, Korea. Since its founding in 2000, GAMEVIL has earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the mobile games sector by crafting 10 award winners in a diverse portfolio of over 60 games. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. As a world class leader in mobile game publishing, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establish mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment platform for the world.

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