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Gametrak: Dark Wind goes gold, hits retail October 22nd

4 October 2004: In2Games proudly announces that its revolutionary PS2 beat-em-up Gametrak: Dark Wind has gone gold, and will hit European retail on 22nd October.

Gametrak: Dark Wind, winner of 'Best of Show' award at the Leipzig Games Convention and being hotly-tipped for this Christmas by press and retail alike, bundles the remarkable Gametrak 3D motion control system with the exclusive beat-em-up, Dark Wind.

Gametrak: Dark Wind will ship with a retail price of £69.99, or 99 Euros. Major UK retailers for Gametrak include Argos, Index, Game, Gamestation, Comet, HMV and Virgin.

The launch follows four years of intense R&D, hardware and software development and represents the first time a major games hardware innovation has come from outside of the US and Japan.

In2Games will launch further Gametrak-exclusive titles next year including Gametrak: Real World Golf and Gametrak: Sports Party, as well as launching the Gametrak range into the US and Japan in 2005.

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About In2Games

In2Games is dedicated to creating new and exciting gaming experiences through the creative combination of hardware and software. The company was started in 2000 by Elliott Myers, formerly Development Manager at Leda Media Products, creators of the Gamester brand, the largest third-party peripherals manufacturer in Europe. The team has a long history in innovative games hardware design and manufacture, including the creation, for Konami, of the BeatMania DJ controller and their own dance mat. In2Games now combines the team's expertise in hardware design and manufacture with leading-edge software development, resulting in a new range of console products offering gamers brand-new experiences.

About Gametrak

Gametrak is a revolutionary new controller for PS2 which gives users precise and intuitive control in 3D space - unlike camera technologies, Gametrak allows movement forwards and backwards as well as up, down, left and right, and does all this without any time delay or processor overhead. Instead of a complex and intimidating series of buttons and joysticks; fighting games will enable users to physically punch opponents using boxing gloves; sports games will allow users to pick up and play using real golf clubs or tennis rackets; adventure games will become totally immersive as users are able to manipulate 'virtual' onscreen objects with their hands. Gametrak's unique design means that it can be offered to consumers at a genuinely mass-market price, bundled with specially developed games, the first of which will be Dark Wind, a first-person perspective fighting game. In 2005, In2Games will launch golf, dancing, mini-games and baseball products for Gametrak.

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