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GameTap new releases

Zoo Tycoon 2 and Turtix added to games-on-demand service.

Today GameTap released two new games for their games-on-demand service, Zoo Tycoon 2 and Turtix. Zoo Tycoon 2 brings the series update to date with a 3D engine and even more animals, shops, and exhibits to help you build and maintain the animal sanctuary of your dreams. Turtix is a 2D platformer that evokes the hop ‘n’ bop games of the 16-bit era with illustrative graphic flair.

New Releases For Subscription Service, Available 07.30.09:

Zoo Tycoon 2- It's back to the zoo! With Zoo Tycoon 2, you are once again in charge of your very own zoo, with dozens of animals to choose from. And with the new Guest Mode, you can walk around, take care of the animals, and see your zoo as it's never been seen before - in full 3D. Keep your animals fed and happy and your guests entertained and you'll be a true zoo tycoon in no time.


Turtix- The islands used to be a peaceful, happy place, protected by a powerful magic amulet. One day, however, a young student named Turtix goofed on a spell and broke the amulet! Now the islands have been invaded by enemies, and Turtix must go forth and fix his mistake by recovering the pieces of the amulet in this fun platforming adventure.


Next Week’s Release: Arx Fatalis

Free Game Of The Week, 07.30.09 – 08.05.09:

King Of Fighters 2003- The King of Fighters tournament is back, this time hosted by an unknown patron. But (as usual!) the tournament has sinister underpinnings, and someone -- or something -- once again seeks the power of the demon Orochi. There’s only one way to bring an end to this sinister plot, and it involves a lot of butt-kicking!


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