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GameTap brings back the first breakdance video game!

Given the resurgence of breakdancing, what better time than now to go back to 1984 and experience the old school styling of the first back spinning video game aptly named Break Dance. Originally available on the Commodore 64, you can now check, check it out, in all of its original glory when it becomes available today on GameTap (www.gametap.com).

Break Dance offers four modes, including Battle the Rocket Crew (you must duplicate all of their moves before they push you into the river), Hot Feet Dance contest (you go head to head with Hot Feet, the hottest breaker in the hood), Perfections Dance Puzzle (you put your opponent's dance steps in the right order via a concentration-like game), and Choreograph Your Own Dance (you make your own dance out of 14 basic moves and then watch the end result on stage).

The original manual that came bundled with Break Dance also included a glossary of terms, such as 'Boogaloo: Sinuous puppet-style movement involving popping and locking,' and 'Wack: Term that refers to anything bad - usually a move done incorrectly.'

GameTap is a broadband entertainment network that features downloadable video games and original programming. For $14.95 a month, gamers can download unlimited games from a catalogue of more than 300 titles with major arcade, console and PC hits spanning the Pac-Man era to games as recent as last year's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. GameTap also features original programming you can't view anywhere else, like new installments of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

If you need more screenshots of Break Dance, let me know.

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