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GameSHOUT Announces "Guild of the Month" On The MMO Show

Guilds from all MMOs can participate in this monthly showcase. has announced their new monthly segment on their MMO Show podcast, "Guild of the Month." Each month one guild from any MMO will be chosen and featured in an on air interview on GameSHOUT's MMO Show. Guilds, clans, and squads from all over can submit their guild by e-mailing with the following:

- The Guild Name

- The Guild Leader

- What game and server you are on

- Why you should be chosen as "Guild of the Month" (Your achievements, stories, etc.)

Josh Britt, co-host of the MMO Show, says, "It's really interesting to see how all these people come from different walks of life and are able to put any differences aside to come together under one banner. Some groups are more successful at it than others and we want to showcase those groups who sometimes go above and beyond what is expected of them."

Submit your guild today and get the recognition you deserve!

About The MMO Show:

Hosted by Josh Britt and Soulrift, the MMO Show can be listened to live every Tuesday at 4PM Eastern or can be downloaded in podcast form from and iTunes. The show covers all Massively Multiplayer Online games like World of Warcraft, Planetside, Eve Online, City of Heros/City of Villians, and Archlord just to name a few. Topics range from latest patches, to beta updates, to opinions on games, to a whole lot more.


About GameSHOUT Radio:

GameSHOUT is a premier global interactive content company that informs, entertains, and connects large, engaged audiences with content in the personal technology, games and entertainment, and business technology categories. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the technology industry with the power of technology itself, the company offers one of the most dynamic, relevant, and innovative media-based marketplace for technology around the world.

GameSHOUT Radio has over 21 million listeners and is the #1 gaming station.

From enterprise decision makers to gamers to tech enthusiasts to general consumers-our company reaches them all an award-winning site and radio show via GameSHOUT Syndicate Network. Our cutting-edge rich media technologies provide dynamic and relevant advertising environments.

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