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GameShadow Service Goes Free!

User base hits 300,000 and subscription fee gets shown the door

Oxfordshire, 25th May: GameShadow Ltd, the company behind the games industry's most innovative automatic update and patch technology today announces that it is to offer its highly popular service to gamers for free.

The success of enhanced technology coupled with enlisting the support of some of the world's leading publishers including Konami, Eidos, Atari and Ubisoft, has seen the GameShadow user base grow rapidly and it has recently reached a critical milestone of 300,000 registered users. This growth has paved the way for the company to do away with the subscription fee for the service entirely.

By signing up to the now FREE service, users will be able to: find out what updates are available for over 1,500 games and graphics cards; download as many patches and drivers as they need; download up to 1Gb of the best demos, movies, trailers and other content available on the web each month and personalise the service to include automatic alerts for when their favourite games issue updates and additional content.

Nicholas Lovell, CEO, GameShadow, comments: "We've been waiting to hit critical mass before offering the service for free. We know the technology is 100% sound, we know that publishers are impressed about what it can do to increase their levels of customer service, and feedback from subscribers has indicated that gamers find it hugely useful. We are delighted we can now offer the service free."

Whilst the core service is absolutely free, users will also be able to pay for premium content, including exclusive competitions, an increased download capacity of 30Gb per month, the ability to turn off ads and a free boxed game chosen from a range including Crashday, King Kong, the Prince of Persia Trilogy and the Splinter Cell Trilogy.

The industry's reaction to the news has been very positive.

Terry Makedon, Group Manager - Software and Video Marketing, ATI Technologies, commented "Updates and patches fix bugs and breathe life into old games. The GameShadow tools make it so easy for casual gamers and the gaming enthusiast alike to find the latest updates for their titles. Now that GameShadow is free, we hope that even more users will discover the benefits of keeping their games and Catalyst drivers up to date."

For further information please contact:

Nicholas Lovell
+44 7900 691975

Tony Treadwell
Founder and COO
+44 1608 643 094

Nicola Kirby
Little Brown Dog
+44 (0) 1372 818 776

About GameShadow
GameShadow provides free automatic videogame patch and update tools to gamers all over the world. Its core product automatically updates all of a user's games and graphics drivers, ensuring that the gamer always plays the best possible version of their games and they are getting the very best performance from the game and their hardware. GameShadow also provides gamers with game-related content and products that are relevant to their individual game collections and their gaming interests. GameShadow currently supports over 1,500 games with content ranging from patches to demos, movies and mods, as well as paid-for content such as expansion packs, full games and merchandise.

For publishers & other partners:

As well as benefiting from reduced support costs, higher customer satisfaction and improved franchise sales, partnering with GameShadow means publishers, as well as developers and retailers, can exploit additional sales channels for their games and related content and products, and create an additional marketing showcase for new games and products in production. GameShadow's downloader offers publishers an opportunity to advertise to gamers while they are waiting for a download - a unique channel to deliver highly targeted messages to a receptive audience.

GameShadow is distributed via the Internet and can be downloaded at GameShadow is also bundled with ATI boxed graphics cards and Eidos's spring portfolio of games including Commandos: Strike Force, Championship Manager, Hitman: Blood Money, Rogue Trooper and Tomb Raider: Legend.

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