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Gameshadow Offers Games For Free

Following the announcement of the winners of its 'Innovation In Games Awards' earlier this week (see below for winners or go to, Gameshadow are proud to offer almost half of the winning games absolutely FREE on its website Gamers can go to the site and download the games to play as much as they want, including Samorost 2, Stickman Madness and Thing Thing 3 ( winner of the ATI CrossFire People's Choice Award )

The Awards were hugely successful this year: - here's what people had to say about them:-

"I believe that while hardcore gaming is being driven into a more and more limited space, and 'casual games' are targeted at a pretty narrow demographic, it is the area in between that offers the greatest opportunities. And the GameShadow awards are a celebration of what is going on in this area." Charles Cecil, MD, Revolution

"The standard of the winners was incredibly high, and it was particularly great to see how many of the most innovative games were from individuals or very small studios - breaking through with unique concepts and attention to detail." Johnathan Smith, Development Director, TT Games

"The plain result of the GameShadow Innovation in Games Awards is that games are maturing. With nearly half of all our winners featuring strong central characters, it is clear that the market has moved away from shallow action games and has embraced involving storylines, characters who matter and a decreasing emphasis on guns and driving. Those who deride games as brainless or for children should look at the range and quality of our winners and open their eyes." Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO, nDreams

The 2006 Gameshadow 'Innovation in Games Awards' - winners rostrum

Best Game Award Loco Roco

Best New Character Award Phoenix Wright

Innovative Gameplay Award Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training

Innovative Visual Effects Award Shadow of the Colossus

Imaginative Use of In-Game Award Electroplankton

Best Narrative Award Psychonauts

Best Casual Game Award Tropix

Jaw Dropping Demo Award Wild Earth

Best Machinima Movie Award PANICS

Most innovative Mobile Game Award Stranded

ATi CrossFire Peoples Choice Award Thing Thing 3

For further information, please contact:

Nicholas Lovell

CEO, GameShadow

+44 7900 691975

Steve Chippington

Event Director

+44 7881 951669

Nicola Kirby

Little Brown Dog

+44 (0) 1372 818 776

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