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GameShadow users receive even better value and new partnership opportunities open for developers, publishers and retailers

Oxfordshire, 28th November - GameShadow Ltd, the leading provider of videogame patching and update management tools, announces the launch of GameShadow 2.0. Built on the unique qualities of its initial product, which enabled gamers to automatically receive patches and updates for their PC games, GameShadow 2.0 provides additional features that, as well as bringing a more personalised service to users and enabling gamers to maximise their gaming experience, provides several new content features that are included in the standard service.

Key enhancements include:

  • New user interface that enables users to see the status of all their PC games at a glance, with detail on what additional, relevant content is available and when an update is critical.
  • New intelligent alert system that ensures users receive timely email alerts informing them when new content and updates are available and how to ensure they receive them. No irrelevant information, just the latest news on their games.
  • New products - Looking for a game's soundtrack? The latest expansion pack for Call of Duty? In one click, GameShadow 2.0 will take you straight to where you can buy game related products from expansion packs to Doom T-shirts to Myst V mugs.
  • Extended Play - Certain leading publishers such as Eidos, Ubisoft and Digital Jesters participate in GameShadow's 'Extended Play' programme. All users can keep certain games by these publishers up to date for free, and paying subscribers get access to exclusive content and competitions.
  • Graphics Card Drivers - Gamers can maximise their gaming experience by ensuring they have the most up to date drivers for their ATI or Nvidia graphics card - all at the click of a button.

Tony Treadwell, CEO of GameShadow, comments, "When we originally launched GameShadow we focussed pretty much purely on delivering patches, updates and demos. As the industry has developed, and gamers' demands for content have matured, we found that our users not only wanted to receive patches and updates, but they also wanted fast, easy access to other cool content or products that are relevant to a particular game in their collection or their preferred genre.

"With GameShadow 2.0 gamers don't have to trawl the Web to find the expansion pack or the soundtrack to their favourite game - the service will take you directly to where you can buy it. Our aim is to add value to the service for users and efficiently deliver relevant game related content and products they might not get elsewhere. In turn, it means we can provide publishers, developers and retailers with another channel through which to drive sales of games and associated branded products, as well as provide a marketing mechanism through which they can ensure their audience is aware of upcoming releases and new products in the pipeline.

For further information please contact:

Tony Treadwell, CEO

+44 1608 643 094

Nicholas Lovell, Chairman

+44 7900 691975

Nicola Kirby

Little Brown Dog

+44 (0) 1372 818 776

About GameShadow

GameShadow provides automatic videogame patch and update tools to gamers all over the world. Its core product automatically updates all of a user's games and graphics drivers, ensuring that the gamer always plays the best possible version of their games and they are getting the very best performance from the game and their hardware. GameShadow also provides subscribers with game-related content and products that are relevant to their individual game collections and their gaming interests. GameShadow currently supports over 1,400 games with content ranging from patches to demos, movies and mods, as well as paid-for content such as expansion packs, full games and merchandise.

For Publishers & other partners:

As well as benefiting from reduced support costs, higher customer satisfaction and improved franchise sales, partnering with GameShadow means publishers, as well as developers and retailers, can exploit additional sales channels for their games and related content and products, and also create an additional marketing showcase for new games and products in the pipeline. GameShadow's downloader offers publishers an opportunity to advertise to gamers while they are waiting for a download - a unique channel to deliver highly targeted messages to a receptive audience.

GameShadow's partners include ATI, Digital Jesters, Eidos,, Ubisoft, Via Technologies, and Voodoo PCs.

GameShadow 2.0 can be downloaded at It is also distributed with many games, including Crazy Frog Racer, to be published by Digital Jesters and Ubisoft in December 2005.

Further information can be found at:

Nicola Kirby

Little Brown Dog

40, Beaconsfield Rd, Claygate, Surrey. KT10 0PW

Tel: 01372 818 776

Mob: 07789 933 287

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