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Ex-GC man Frank Sliwka organizing developer conference as part of Germany's new games event.

Press Release

Nr. 2 /fifr/Oktober 2008

Programme highlight: a meeting place for over 1000 developers of games from around the world. The industry and trade fair expert is also working on the expansion and strategic development of gamescom

The new European trade fair and event highlight of the interactive games industry – gamescom – is taking shape. The internationally recognised games expert, Frank Sliwka, 46, and his company Global Games Media (GGM) are to organise a developer conference in the trade fair location of Cologne for games developers from around the world.The conference, which has been planned in cooperation with Koelnmesse, is set to be Europe's most important communication platform for games developers.At its premiere in Cologne, well over 1000 developers and industry representatives from around the world are expected to come together to exchange their experiences and network. In addition to the conference as a highlight of the specialist gamescom programme, Frank Sliwka and Koelnmesse are also cooperating closely on the development, strategy and internationalisation of gamescom.

“We are delighted to be working with Frank Sliwka and Global Games Media. Their choice of Cologne and their confidence in the new trade fair location show us that we are on the right track and can establish gamescom as Europe's trade fair and event highlight in a very short space of time", said a delighted Oliver P. Kuhrt, Managing Director of Koelnmesse.

Frank Sliwka emphasises: “Cologne and gamescom offer the ideal conditions for all target groups in the global games industry. Games developers from around the world will be able to exchange creatively and constructively at the developer conference, and thus influence the future of the games industry considerably.” Frank Sliwka is internationally famous as an industry and trade fair expert and has been organising the International eSports Conference in Cologne since 2004, which is the only conference in the world dedicated to electronic sport. Sliwkaused to be responsible for the games and IT areas of the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) and of HomeTech in Berlin. He founded his own company, Global Games Media, in 2002 and worked until recently as a national and international advisor and strategy director for the Games Convention in Leipzig.

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