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Freelance database added to industry blog.

These companies need developers, artists, coders and all the other skilled experts who make a successful modern game. GAMESbrief aims to make it easier for companies to find these people, and for freelancers in the games industry to find work.

Nicholas Lovell, director of GAMESbrief, said, “The gaming press has been full of doom and gloom over the past two years as major studios shut down. All of those talented passionate people are still game-makers. I’m launching this database to strengthen the freelance ecosystem for games. My fervent hope is that I will help many developers make a living as freelancers.”

The database can be found at It is fully searchable. Freelancers can upload their profiles, with details of expertise and experience. Companies can search for freelancers and contact them directly.

Nicholas Lovell added, “This is very much the first stage of development of the freelance database - a minimum viable product. I aim to develop this service to become the best possible source of jobs for games freelancers and of skilled professionals on short-term contracts for anyone who wants to make games. My first objective is to get 100 freelancers registered on the service, so please help me to achieve this so we can move to the next stage of development.”

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Notes to editors

GAMESbrief is a blog on the business of games. Founder Nicholas Lovell consults widely to the games industry on making money from games.

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