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GamesAid announces winning charities and 76% donation rise

Five kids' causes selected to receive £20,000 each

UK charity organization GamesAid has revealed five good causes set to receive £20,000 each as a result of games industry donations.

Action for Kids, Families Need Fathers, SpecialEffect, The Willow Foundation, and Volunteer Centre Sutton: MAPS were voted by members to recieve a portion of the funds.

Donations have increased 76 per cent since last year, GamesAid revealed, and are in addition to proceeds from the PS3 Triple Pack released to retail earlier this year.

Said Dr Mick Donegan, director at SpecialEffect, "The SpecialEffect charity is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, no matter how severe their disability, can share the camaraderie, challenges and sheer enjoyment that comes from playing computer games.

"From the word go, no organisation could have supported the charity more enthusiastically that GamesAid. This fantastic donation will enable us to transform the quality of life for some of the most disabled and needy children in the country, whether they are in hospital, at a hospice or recovering from a traumatic injury or illness at home."

Added Families Need Fathers' director of fundraising Nadja Singh, "The donation from GamesAid could not come at a better time for Families Need Fathers. We, as is the case for many charities, await the outcome of the government spending review with apprehension, and anticipate a drastic cut in the services we will be able to deliver.

"The money from GamesAid, therefore, will ensure that whatever the outcome, parents at the height of their most desperate crisis, when they fear they may never see their children again, will be able to get through to our telephone helpline and be supported in finding a child-centred way forward."

GamesAid continues to accept donations and fundraising applications via its website.

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