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Games industry thirsty for capital

Funding sought for 101 Nordic games projects in 2007

The number of Nordic games companies is constantly on the rise. At the same time it is becoming more difficult than ever to raise start-up capital for the development of computer games in the Nordic countries. This has been the experience, after taking a closer look at the funding schemes, which have been an important part of the 'Nordic Computer Game Programme' initiative since its start in 2006.

In 2007 DKK 5 million will have be given out for new Nordic games projects. This year's second and final application round has just ended, and once again Nordic games companies were practically standing in a queue to hand in their applications. It came to a total of 54 this time, shared between 49 companies. Looking at 2007 as a whole, that makes 101 funding applications for Nordic games projects this year alone.

"We have rather mixed feelings over having once again received such a staggering number of applications", says Erik Robertson, head of the Nordic Computer Game Programme.

"On the one hand I am proud that our funding programme has had such a great impact, and that we are now receiving applications from all parts of the Nordic countries. On the other hand, over 100 applications in one year is a lot in relation to the total number of Nordic games companies. This is both because DKK 5 million doesn't stretch very far considering that the total amount applied for is more than DKK 50 million, but mostly because it indicates a steep rise in the need to attract capital to this industry", Erik Robertson said.

In the coming period a group of experts will evaluate the submitted projects after which the DKK 2.5 million will be distributed. In this year's first round funding has been successfully received for seven Nordic projects.

The new funding recipients will be presented at the coming games fair D3 Expo, which will take place in Copenhagen from 16- 18 November (

The Nordic Computer Game Programme was launched in 2006 and is in the second year of a six-year course. The programme focuses on improving access to Nordic computer games for Nordic consumers, of which the funding scheme is an important part. (

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