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Games Industry Recruitment Update

Your weekly guide to the hottest jobs in the games industry, courtesy of Aardvark Swift. This week - positions from across the industry, ranging from artists to marketing managers to public relations executives.

Welcome to the weekly recruitment update on, provided courtesy of leading recruitment agency Aardvark Swift!

There are plenty of new positions from all around the industry available this week - and remember, there are many hundreds of jobs available in our Jobs Section.


Sony's London studio is currently recruiting for an Experienced Character Artist who can develop and create characters, with experience in Maya and working knowledge of Photoshop. Work will include character rigging, skinning, texturing and modelling duties.[More Info]

A studio in the Midlands is urgently seeking a Creative Lead with superb communication and management skills, as well as excellent Maya and texturing abilities. 2D sequence animation is also a preferred skill.[More Info]

If you're an experienced, talented artist who fancies working overseas, how does a position as a Marketing Artist working for a respected games company in Amsterdam sound? The role involves producing marketing material for a premium console title, and both 2D graphic design and 3D rendering experience are required.[More Info]

This leading worldwide developer and publisher of software, based in the South West, is seeking two Environment Artists to join the team. Skills in 3D Studio Max or Maya are required, and prior experience of the games industry is a bonus. Good freehand drawing skills and a passion for games are essential![More Info]


Sony's London studio is seeking a Senior / Lead Designer with an excellent track record of published successful titles of different genres. The ideal person will come from a big company and have both management experience and excellent communication skills.[More Info]

One of Australia's most exciting games companies is recruiting for a Lead Designer who will be responsible for identifying appropriate design solutions within technical and budget constraints. At least two years experience with one or more massive multiplayer games, and at least five years of industry experience, is a must.[More Info]


A specialist games distribution outfit based in the midlands is seeking an experienced Retail Sales / Marketing Rep to act as a campaign coordinator for its largest grocery sector client. Previous experience in the sector is required, and your role will include designing and implementing an annual campaign calendar, daily negotiations with publishers and much more.[More Info]

This leading games publisher is seeking to hire an experienced Games Marketing Manager on a contract basis, as their current marketing manager is leaving on maternity leave shortly and will be returning next year. The role runs from August to December 2003, and the vacancy is based in the midlands. Previous experience as a senior product manager or marketing manager in the games industry is essential.[More Info]


A leading independent marketing and publich relations agency, specialising in sports and entertainment, is seeking an Account Director to join the team. A track record in sports and entertainment is an advantage, and the successful candidate will also be able to provide an injection of creativity to the team.[More Info]

That's it for this week, but be sure to check out our Recruitment Section for more great jobs, updated daily!

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