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Games Convention Online 2009

Tickets now on sale for this summer's event in Leipzig.

Advance ticket sales for the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE 2009 (31 July to 2 August 2009) have begun on the Internet. Tickets for the Leipzig event can now be purchased at its new website

Silvana Kürschner, Strategy Director of Games Convention Global, explains: "In keeping with the convention’s theme, most tickets are now being sold online. Online buyers have several advantages. Their tickets are sent to them directly in the mail, to their home address, allowing them to use public transportation in Leipzig free of charge on their way to the fair. They also don't have to stand in line at the fairgrounds to purchase a ticket."

Tickets are priced as follows:

Advance day ticket: € 10.00 (at the gate: € 11.00)

Advance day ticket, reduced: € 7.00 (at the gate: € 8.00)

Advance multi-day ticket: € 24.50 (at the gate: € 25.50)

The GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE is the first independent platform in Europe for the most dynamic market in today's gaming industry: browser, client and mobile games. Following this year's motto "Come on, get on," visitors to the convention will learn everything they need to know about online and mobile gaming.

Starting in June, professional visitors can register for a two-day international conference dealing with innovations, trends and prospects in browser, client and mobile games from an academic, political, social and practical perspective. The event is being held in cooperation with Hamburg University's Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research which is organizing the conference programme. In addition to the conference, the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE offers exhibitors and professional visitors business matching opportunities for exchanging information and establishing new contacts.

Further information available at:

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