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Games Cast TV launch

Plans to become the top online portal for live e-sports broadcasts.

Games Cast TV is excited to announced that its doors will finally be opened to the public this Sunday, November 28th. Games Cast TV’s goal is to become the online portal or “interactive TV station” for live e-sports entertainment - we accomplish this by bridging the gap between competitive gaming and spectators by providing a single destination to watch all of the major e-sports broadcasters and events. Games Cast TV dynamically updates itself to always display live e-sports entertainment from one of our many partners. Once registered, users can specify which broadcasters or games they would like see on their custom home page. Additionally, users can browse our extensive e-sports schedule, access game-specific portals, or interact with broadcasters on their pages.

Games Cast TV strives to achieve a shared vision of “e-sports unification” by partnering with as many like-minded organizations and broadcasters as possible. Among our partners are Sean “Day[9]” Plott, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, and a myriad of other prominent e-sports broadcasters and organizations. Our affiliates represent the pinnacle of Quake Live, StarCraft 2, and Street Fighter IV coverage; we also feature broadcasts including but not limited to: League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Heroes of Newerth, Tekken 6, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, and other popular e-sports titles. We will continue to support more games and broadcasters through key partnerships as the e-sports industry evolves.

On top of our core functionality, Games Cast TV and ESFI World have formed a partnership in the spirit of “e-Sports unification.” ESFI World will provide unbiased and up-to-date news, scores, editorials, videos and updates from players and teams, leagues, events and the rest of the e-sports community. We are currently working on innovative ways to integrate each other's content in order to create a complete platform for e-Sports media.

During this beta phase, we ask that you provide us with feedback at www.gamescast.tv/forum. Stay up-to-date by following our development blog ( http://blog.gamescast.tv) and Twitter ( http://twitter.com/GamesCast).


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