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Games applications feature "very strongly" in £10 million govt fund

Technology Strategy Board to being unveiling winners of awards shortly

The Technology Strategy Board, which looks at ways to encourage innovation within technology industries, and is in the process of distributing GBP 10 million of awards, has seen the games industry "featuring very strongly" in the applications it has received.

That's according to the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP - Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism - who revealed that fact during a keynote speech at the Westminster Media Forum.

She was talking about the challenges for UK businesses in the current climate, and although she wouldn't be drawn as to whether or not the strength of applications would necessarily translate into games funding awards, she was positive about the message that has been sent in the government internally.

"We've worked really, really hard to try and ensure that across government people recognise that the innovation that takes place in the games industry needs the same recognition and support that is given and takes place in traditional industries - whether it's automotive, pharmaceutical and so on," she said.

"And we're getting somewhere. For example, the Technology Strategy Board, which gives money to innovation, is now for the first time giving GBP 10 million to support innovation in the games industry - there are three strands in that, and videogames is featuring very strongly in the applications received."

Hodge also explained later that the fund was now closed for applications, a point which Frontier Developments chairman David Braben reacted to by pointing out that he'd not even been aware of the fund's existence - to which Hodge assured him that every effort would be made next time around to communicate the details to all parties.

The Technology Strategy Board will unveil the first round of awards shortly.

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