Skip to main content 50k celebrates its 50,000th member and announces that all Xbox Live users should "Gather and Game!" With a beta test of the new free Halo 2 technology that will soon make Halo 2 and linked forever! is the largest and most respected Xbox Live community site on the web, hosting a worldwide and searchable database of gamertags accented with locations, personal information and photographs! also provides weekly gaming events, community gatherings and Xbox Live tournaments! features are free to anyone with an Xbox Live account.

" is, and will always be free for our users. We're simply here to enhance your Xbox Live experience. If you take your gaming way too seriously or do it just to relax, we have a place for you." - Cynn Smith, Owner of is proud to be the launch point for the new and amazing projects from the g33x team! These tools will allow gamers to view and share their Halo 2 stats updated in real time right from their profile. Users will also be able to form clans and set up their own tournaments with results delivered to them right from their account! The best part is, this is only the first game that these new permanent additions will support!

These features and more are being beta tested with the community right now! To get into the first wave, make a account and join (here)!

Some cool features in 2005 include:

  • ACC tools (Advanced Community Communication) including XBL game challenges, XBL tournament challenges, Clash tournament challenges, friend list grouping allowing gamers to ally with the Community Gaming Night program, Clash tournaments, Clans and more, creating better search conditions for your perfect teammate or rival!
  • Clan tools that will allow you to create a clan, invite members, communicate with them on a large scale and chronicle your winning streak right on site with live stat feeds for select games! Clans can set up tournaments, chat rooms, and chat in private forums to plan their next attack.

"We provide a great set of tools for all your gaming needs. But most importantly, we provide a top notch community of people. Want the best? Join the best!" - Brandon Chamness, Director of Operations, forges full steam ahead in 2005 and invites everyone to join them! Gather and Game!

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