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90,000 orders received by site selling MMORPG CD Keys to those who'd rather download.

Innovation doesn't always come from the big software houses, the big websites, or the media conglomerates. is a company that has gone digital, instead of sending out the box, they only send out the CD Key. They fill a niche that many mainstream publishers are beginning to notice. As broad band connections become the norm, digital downloads are picking up in popularity. Which means after they download the game all they need to do is put in the CD key.

The heart of any MMORPG is the CD Key and with clients readily available through torrent downloads people are less inclined to go out to the store to get the box.

As of press time, has already sent out the CD keys for those people that have pre-ordered, creating a buzz on the net and on many of the forums as being the first out there.

The founder, Patrick Bernard, shared about just how far reaching World of Warcraft is. They received an order from the North Pole, yes you heard right, the people up in the scientific observations posts up there play WOW. However, as you may guess it is hard to find a copy of WOW at the "local" software store. came to the rescue and provided a link for a download of the client and a CD key.

Though not all customers are from such far flung areas, is picking up in popularity, this month they were proud to announce that they have hit the 90,000 orders processed mark.

These days CD keys are not the only product you can buy on their website. Game time cards and digital game guides are also available for download. While most websites don't provide support, if you visit their forums you will see an active community of customers who will be glad to help you with anything. They were also the first website to implement Live Chat.

Its not often you will see a website thats also involved in the community. Almost all the staff have characters in WOW or Warhammer. They even have their own guild! Community is what holds the MMORPGs together, doesn't forget that.

Innovation is not always a new product, sometimes its the way you do things. has found a new way to distribute products all over the world. I salute you!

About is an online distribution and retail channel for video games both offline and is one of the most trusted websites for buying online gaming products and services. And has been interviewed and written about in dozens of articles published in major print and TV magazines around the world including the Wall Street Journal, MTV News, Computer Gaming World, LA Times, The BBC (UK), Liberation (France), Player1(Sweden), The Guardian (UK) and many others.

Not only does offer products, it also offers unique service for our customers. Our 24-hour Online Live Support Representatives see to it that every customer get the best service possible. From order verification to questions regarding our products and services, our friendly Customer Representatives are always willing to help.


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