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Gamers to Get 100% Extra Free!!

4th August 2005

FOLLOWING on from Dusk2Dawn's signing of the award winning action shooter, Invasion : Earth, the publisher is delighted to announce that it will be giving away 100% extra free mission packs with the original game.

Invasion : Earth, developed by Sigma Team, is planned to hit the shop shelves around April/May 2006 at a retail price of £19.99.

Neil Cotton, Director of Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited, said: "We've had some excellent feedback on the game and it appears - judging by the online forums - that there are a lot of gamers waiting for its release next year.

"We want to ensure that this game is a must-have and we've done a deal with the developer to release all of the planned mission packs in one go on the same CD. That means 100% extra blasting fun for no extra cost!"

The original version of the game contained 10 rock-hard missions and a survival mode. The new 'Collectors Edition' will feature 10 extra missions, some new aliens and varied soundtracks.

Cotton added: "I'm a gamer too and I know what it's like to play a highly enjoyable game to the end and still feel ready for more action. Mission packs add extra life to games, but everyone hates the wait between their arrivals. I believe this move shouts excellent value for money with Invasion : Earth and should make it a title to watch out for!"

Invasion : Earth

'Collectors Edition'

Key Features:

  • Instant action within a matter of minutes
  • RPG-esque character upgrade facility
  • 9 rapid-fire, bullet-spitting, death-dealing weapons of mass destruction!
  • Many hours of game play with 20 missions and a survival mode
  • Red or Green blood selection
  • Highly imaginative selection of enemies
  • Full-on-action male or female character
  • Classic storyline
  • Reactive music, which helps to drive the action

Due out April 2006 for the PC (PC CD-ROM).

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Notes to Editors: (still under construction)

DUSK2DAWN INTERACTIVE LIMITED: (D2D) was formed in 2004 and employs four full time staff and utilises the in-depth knowledge of respected gaming veterans. D2D aims to release titles that have strong game play elements and not just pretty graphics. D2D is also building excellent relationships with dedicated developers all round the globe, boasting big plans for the future of the company, seeing it grow quickly over the next few years.

SIGMA-TEAM: is a Russian-based company that is focused on creating fun and high quality games. Its goal is to continue making the best games at affordable prices.

*Please note, 'Invasion : Earth' has been fully localized for the UK market. Its original title was Alien Shooter. Editor's choice and 5 star awards can be seen on the game development home page at

D2D Press Contact : Neil Cotton, Marcoms Limited - T: 01773 599120, or

M: 07962 039 469. E-mail

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