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Documentary from Ben Gonyo to be transformed into "elaborate" TV series.


Rochester, N.Y. August 26, 2009 - GAMERS, directed by Ben Gonyo, takes a close look into the mysterious MMO (massively multiplayer online) lifestyle. From World of Warcraft conventions, “Super Fans” to staunch critics, GAMERS reveals the lives of dedicated players across the country. Gonyo has translated the full-length film into a TV series in order to cover all gaming personalities across all gaming platforms.

Fellow gamers are invited to sign a petition ( to bring the new series directly to their living rooms. The new series will be submitted to major networks (such as G4, Spike, Hulu and MTV.) Unlike other gaming shows, this light hearted reality series focuses on the players and their in depth stories. GAMERS humorously exposes and highlights the best and most interesting lifestyles of North America's gaming fan base.


MMO games and World of Warcraft, Celebrity Players, First Person Shooters, Game Addiction, LARPing and Role Playing, Trading Card Games, Extreme Game Collectors, Board Gaming and beyond.

Gonyo will invite stories and ideas from players themselves for the upcoming episodes.


Expect comedian Jay Mohr to vividly recall his experience hosting BlizzCon and freshly retired, Curt Schilling (Red Sox) to discuss his $30 million dollar MMO project. Also, NY Times Best Selling Fantasy author, RA Salvatore will detail what makes for a great character while Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan will explain building the epic game play of World of Warcraft.


There are 100+ million gamers in America alone. World of Warcraft has 11.5 million subscribers paying $16 a month to play. The global video game market is valued at $45 billion, that’s $1,200 every second of every day spent on gaming. The budget for a top tier MMO is north of $20 million and is four times more likely to be a hit than a film with the same budget. Gaming has surpassed film and music sales over the last decade.

Fans are encouraged to join the GAMERS mailing list for updates and to sign the petition found at

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