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Gamers Choice: The 25 Most Popular Mobile Phones of 2006

January 17, 2007, Victoria, Canada: MobileRated proudly presents the twenty-five most popular mobile phones for gamers of 2006. The list is derived from actual world-wide customer game downloads from the MobileRated free mobile phone games portal.

With over one thousand supported mobile devices, MobileRated supports the global market for mobile games. As most gamers know, different games support different handsets, and not ever cellular phone can play every mobile phone game. This is similar to console games - not all games work with XBOX, PS3, and Wii.

In a year that over 14% of mobile phone owners played a mobile phone game and over 1 billion new mobiles were sold, prospects for mobile phone gamers and developers has never been better. MobileRated brings developers and gamers together. This list is presented as a service to the global game community. List shows manufacturer, model, and marketshare on MobileRated.

The MobileRated Gamers Choice 25 Most Popular Mobile Phones of 2006 are:

1. SonyEricsson W810i (3.35%)

2. RIM BlackBerry 8100 Pearl (2.72%)

3. SonyEricsson K750i (2.60%)

4. Nokia 6600 (2.59%)

5. Motorola RAZR V3 (2.49%)

6. SonyEricsson K800i (2.30%)

7. Nokia N70 (2.19%)

8. Nokia N73 (1.99%)

9. SonyEricsson W300i (1.95%)

10. Nokia 6620 (1.92%)

11. Motorola SLVR L7 (1.84%)

12. Nokia 6630 (1.52%)

13. Motorola V360 (1.43%)

14. Motorola L6 (1.29%)

15. Nokia 6280 (1.26%)

16. Nokia N80 (1.25%)

17. Motorola RAZR V3i (1.19%)

18. Motorola RAZR V3x (1.15%)

19. Nokia 3220 (1.12%)

20. SonyEricsson K700i (1.11%)

21. SonyEricsson W800i (1.10%)

22. RIM BlackBerry 8700 (1.07%)

23. Samsung SGH-D600 (0.99%)

24. Nokia 6680 (0.99%)

25. Nokia 6230 (0.97%)

All in all, 2006 was a harbinger year for the mobile phone games industry. Walled gardens erected by carriers began falling down as sophisticated consumers demanded better services and less barriers. Off-portal content began to emerge and sites like MobileRated proved once again that giving the customer what they want is just good business. Coupled with advances in mobile phone technology, improving standards, and dedicated developers, the mobile phone games industry is set to explode in 2007. Bring on the iPhone!

About MobileRated:

MobileRated is your source for Free Phone Fun! Dedicated to the concept of free mobile phone games and entertainment services, MobileRated is a wap and web portal offering free games for mobile phones. Included are open source, demos/trials, ad-supported, and totally free games. Games are reviewed, rated, categorized and ranked by popularity, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Discover a better way to play - discover (web) and (wap).

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