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Gamercize launches Game4Life campaign

Exercise system for consoles to offer discounts until December 7

Gamercize has announced that it is to launch a Game4Life campaign in association with the UK's National Health Service and its Change4Life brand, which will include discounts for customers until December 7.

Visitors to the official website's shop will be able to enter a "game4life" code to receive GBP 50, EUR 70 or USD 100 off the cost of purchase of a Gamercize Family Fit system, currently selling for GBP 699.90.

"Gaming is part of everyday life for a large number of the population," said Gamercize CEO Richard Coshott. "Recently I was waiting with a mass of people for the latest Call of Duty title on release day and saw how massive the appeal is.

"With the new Gamercize Family Fit comes the opportunity to play games from Modern Warfare 2 to Mario Kart for fitness and health improvement. The benefits of Gamercize are it doesn't feel like exercise while you're playing and it doesn't change the original game play."

The campaign will focus on two key messages, according to a company statement:

  • Up and About encourages less time to be spent in sedentary screen time, which can be converted into a heart pumping healthy alternative with Gamercize active gaming products.
  • 60 Active Minutes sets out a guideline for physical activity that Gamercize can also provide, with up to 650 calories per hour working out while gaming.

More information on the issue of fitness, particularly in children, is available in an editorial by Dr Matthew Capehorn, from the National Obesity Forum.

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