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@Gamer membership programme

Rewards for Singaporean cyber café gamers.

24 January 2011, Singapore – Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) today announces the official launch of the @Gamer programme, a membership scheme that rewards gamers each time they play their favourite Asiasoft titles in cyber cafes within Asiasoft’s @Café network in Singapore.

The @Café network was first launched by Asiasoft in May 2008, to distinguish cyber cafés as sales partners and to grant them exclusive benefits such as the in-game IP Bonus. Available only to gamers who log onto Asiasoft titles within an @Café, the IP Bonus serves up highly attractive in-game perks that significantly enhance the gameplay experience. With the IP Bonus, gamers enjoy extra leveling experience points, increased drop rates, exclusive in-game rewards, special access to locked in-game maps and much more – a remarkable edge over home users who level and loot at regular rates.

With the ongoing support of its treasured @Café partners, Asiasoft is now able to extend even greater benefits and rewards to the gaming community with the introduction of the @Gamer programme. @Gamer members will now enjoy a host of gaming privileges when they present their membership card at participating @Cafés. On top of the IP Bonus that gamers can access at these @Cafés, other privileges bestowed onto gamers include discounts of up to 10% on cyber café gaming hours, as well as complimentary gaming vouchers worth up to four hours of gaming time.

Signing up for the @Gamer programme is simple. Gamers need only to apply for membership through their Asiasoft Passport accounts at There is a minimal application fee of 10,000 @Cash and @Gamer membership cards will be mailed directly to the applicants’ doorsteps within seven working days. With the @Gamer card and a photo ID in hand, members can enjoy a plethora of privileges and savings each time they visit any participating @Café.

"We are very pleased to launch the @Gamer programme to further reward our gamers, providing them with good value and good fun, at the same time enhancing their gaming experiences for full enjoyment of all Asiasoft game titles,” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman for Asiasoft Online. "We are also very grateful for the ardent support of all our @Café partners, who join us in our efforts to reward loyal gamers and who have made the launch of @Gamer possible. We look forward to growing the @Gamer programme by securing more attractive promotions and privileges for members, and to make it truly rewarding to be an Asiasoft @Gamer."

"I visit an @Café near my place regularly as I like to game with my friends, especially when we are training together for a mission in Sudden Attack. Playing together in @Cafés is worthwhile because we get to earn extra experience and points, while discussing strategies in person," said David Lim, an avid player of Asiasoft’s online First Person Shooter game, Sudden Attack. "The @Gamer programme is definitely attractive to us, as the freebies and privileges give us more reason to train together in @Cafés.”

Asiasoft is looking to expand the @Gamer programme this year, engaging potential dining and shopper partners to offer members with a well-rounded loyalty scheme that will suit their active lifestyles. Expansion of the @Gamer programme to other states such as Malaysia is also in the pipeline. For more details of the @Gamer programme and the updated list of participating @Cafés in Singapore, please visit .

About Asiasoft Online

Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd in Singapore and AS Online Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, collectively known as Asiasoft Online, are incorporated as subsidiaries of Asiasoft International Co. Ltd, listed in Thailand as Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

Asiasoft Online is part of the Asiasoft group of publishing companies with a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam serving over 38 million registered gamers.

Asiasoft Online publishes Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in Singapore and Malaysia and assists game developers to tap onto the growth potential of the South-East Asia region.

Asiasoft Online publishes “MapleStory”, “Audition”, “GetAmped R”, “CABAL Online”, “Sudden Attack”, “Yulgang Online”, “Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms”, “RayCity”, “Monster Forest Online”, "????(SG Online)" and "AIKA Online".

Asiasoft Online, through @Global Games, also channels "Requiem: Alive" and distributes  through the payment gateway, "SilkRoad Online", "Alteil Online", "ROHAN", "SEAL Online" and "K.O.S". @Global Games is a platform where gamers from South East Asia can play on one unified server.  

Committed to developing the regional online gaming community, Asiasoft Online works with content developers and industry partners to entertain and engage casual gamers and netizens. Content localization, marketing and game service management are deployed by specialized and dedicated professionals, for game developers, in an integrated services platform.  

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