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Gamer Broadband

UK ISP lets gamers use its business servers.

http://www.claranetsoho.co.uk/gamer < http://www.claranetsoho.co.uk/gamer >


Claranet SOHO has traditionally provided internet services for small businesses, but between the hours of 6pm-8am the Claranet network traffic drops to a fraction of its capacity. This is the peak time for the gaming community to be online and Claranet is opening up their network for the benefit of gamers everywhere.

Due to the stability of the network, Claranet SOHO never need to traffic shape, fast ping times are guaranteed and gamers can use the service to their heart’s content, during off peak hours.

Our gamer broadband services currently come in two versions (Part-time and Hardcore) and are based on ADSL2+ technology.

Depending on the area you live in, you could be getting speeds of up to 24Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload from Claranet SOHO’s gamer broadband.

Look out for our soon to be released Optimal Gamer package (based on Fibre technology) which will boast speeds of up to 40Mb/s download and 10Mb/s upload!

“As gamers ourselves we understand the frustration of having to deal with reduced bandwidth just when you need it the most,” said Jason Keen, Director at Claranet SOHO. “We’ve seen first-hand the benefits of using a business grade service during peak hours, and wanted to pass on that experience to the gaming audience.”

The Part-time Gamer and Hardcore Gamer services are available from 14th March 2011. For more information or to request a free trial please contact amy@spongemarketing.com.

Check out the benefits of the Claranet SOHO service below;


·      Low latency

·      No traffic shaping

·      Fast ping times

·      Up to 24Mb/s downstream

·      Up to 1Mb/s upstream

·      Free Zyxel wireless router


Part-time Gamer

£12.99 per month*

·       Unlimited evening and weekend downloads

·       Peak time (8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday) download limit of 5GB per month

*This price is based on a 24 month contract and includes free install. The price for a 12 month contract is £14.99 per month with a £50 install charge.

Hardcore Gamer

£32.99 per month**

·     Unlimited downloads ◊

·    Ideal for heavy bandwidth users

**This price is based on a 24 month contract and includes free install. The price for a 12 month contract is £34.99 per month with a £50 install charge.

◊ Fair usage policy applies

A Zyxel four port wireless router is included with every gamer product sold.

An existing phone line is required for us to install this service. Download speeds will vary dependant on the quality of your line.

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT

Amy Woodhouse

PR Manager

Sponge Worldwide Ltd

mob: +44 (0)7849 199000

web:     www.spongemarketing.com


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