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GameProducer.net Goes Deep Into Indie Games Production

Indie game sales figures, game production articles and Oblivion game producer interview available now.


FINLAND, MAY 25, 2006
- Today GAMEPRODUCER.NET (http://www.gameproducer.net) published an interview with Gavin Carter, the producer of award winning video game Oblivion. Gavin shares his insight on production issues, explains how Oblivion was produced and shares his top five game producing tips. "A game producer is responsible for making the development process go as smoothly as possible. They're the ones tracking the game's progress at every point, so they have to create and maintain the overall schedule and make sure it gets communicated to each developer. You have to make sure that everyone you're responsible for has everything they need to keep moving on development. This includes everything from assigning tasks, to making sure their computer hardware remains up to par, to making sure an artist gets that troublesome animation over to the programmer when he has time to review it, etc." Carter replied when asked about the role of a game producer. The interview is available read on the gameproducer.net website (http://www.gameproducer.net/2006/05/25/interview-oblivion-game-producer-gavin-carter/).

GameProducer.net has previously published detailed data about the sales of several indie games such as Democracy and Tribal Trouble, both games sold thousands of copies. The data includes downloads, dates, sales, price, profits, promotion methods, developer comments and other additional information. Those who have wondered whether indie games can sell should click their way to the website (http://www.gameproducer.net/category/sales-statistics/).

Besides publishing interviews and sales statistics, GameProducer.net gives hints and inspiration to new and aspiring indie game producers. Every day a new entry is published online. The articles are short, practical and right to the heart of indie games production. Areas such as business, design, development, sales, marketing, project management - and other game production related issues are dealt with.

About GameProducer.net
GameProducer.net is a daily resource for indie game producers and developers. The site aims to give practical information, tips and hints that developers can utilise quickly and effectively. Readers can participate in the "post-post" discussions that take place every day. The site content is created by the game producer, Juuso Hietalahti, at Polycount Productions.

For GameProducer website, see: http://www.gameproducer.net
About the Author
Juuso Hietalahti is the owner and the game producer of online multiplayer games company Polycount Productions (http://www.polycountproductions.com) that was established at 2005. He has co-producer several games and his work and articles have been featured on books, and several game development websites such as GamaSutra.com. Currently Polycount Productions is producing their first online multiplayer title Edoiki (http://www.edoiki.com).

Any press inquiries should be directed to press@polycountproductions.com
For more information on Polycount Productions, see: http://www.polycountproductions.com
For official Edoiki website, see: http://www.edoiki.com


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