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Gameloft reports doubled revenues as rapid growth continues

Mobile game publisher Gameloft has announced its financial results for the full year 2004, revealing that revenues more than doubled to 23.2 million Euro from 10.2 million Euro in the previous year.

The company also saw doubled operating profit, up to 2.4 million Euro from 1.2 million, while net profit stood at 1.9 million Euro - down from the previous year's figure, which included a once-off gain from the sale of investment securities.

The biggest growth for the company during 2004 was not financial, however - it was in terms of headcount, where Gameloft grew from employing 248 staff at the end of 2003 to almost 750 by the end of 2004.

For 2005, the firm anticipates the launch of more than 20 new titles, around ten of which are designed for 3G phones and networks, and boast 3D graphics and other advanced features.

The firm also hopes to continue signing major licenses, and has today announced that it has agreed a deal with Paramount and Dreamworks which will see it releasing mobile games based on forthcoming Stephen Spielberg movie War Of The Worlds.

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