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Subscription/'advergaming'-based distribution platform for Palm games.

The platform called GameDog is composed of options for subscription services based on games and adverting platform. With it users can play in three options, using the GameDog manager, which offers access to games and the memory management integrated on palm. The user currently has a catalog of 70 games adapted for the platform, the more than 100 of the catalog of Handcase.

The signature could be for 3 months with a right to 15 games, 6 months and 30 games, 9 months and  45 months and 12 games with 60 games.  The service options are: FREE - With 6 AD's, $ 9 - With 1 AD and $ 39 - Without AD's, all options of signature however offer 5 games monthly, chosen by the user, who can change the game by others, or for release (releases are 2 per month).

For advertisers, the options are three: sponsorship of the games manager screen, sponsorship of the initial games of the screens and sponsorship manager screen games and the games initial screens. How will the first GameDog platform for advertising in games exclusively for Palm of the world, for companies and advertising agencies, is a unique opportunity, reaching more than 50 million users of Palm worldwide.

"The date for the launch has not yet been set but we hope that soon users, advertising agencies and companies in general can enjoy the platform, services and games that offer through GameDog." Explains Ricardo Garay, director of Handcase

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