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GameCube Golden Sun title in the works?

Reports from Japan over the weekend have indicated that Nintendo is set to announce another addition to the GameCube's line-up of RPG titles, with work on a home console version of GBA RPG series Golden Sun apparently underway.

Developed by Camelot, the original creators of the GBA titles, the new Golden Sun title would join a roster of RPGs which has recently been buoyed by the likes of Namco's Tales of Symphonia and Monolith's Baten Kaitos, as well as Nintendo's own Pokemon Colosseum and Fire Emblem.

Golden Sun and its sequel, The Lost Age, received critical acclaim on the GBA and were judged to be commercial successes - making a transition to the Cube seem extremely plausible, especially since the same thing has happened to GBA titles Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, both currently on their way to the home console platform.

Rumours reprinted by UK website TotalVideoGames suggest that the game may feature some form of multiplayer, although the site qualifies this by saying that it's "simply too early to tell at this stage."

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