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Gamecock's PAX line-up

Mushroom Men, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball and Legendary available for hands-on play; Velvet Assassin to be demoed; model Melinda Cohen in attendance.

Following in the footsteps of prospectors and frontiersman of years past, Gamecock Media Group is saddling up and heading west – to PAX of course! This year’s expo is poised to break last year’s attendance numbers and the Gamecock crew is going to be there in full effect! They’ll set up base camp at BOOTH 352 with hands-on gaming and special developer demos as far as the eye can see.

Just to give you a quick update on what they’re planning, be ready to get your hands-on four titles and see one kick-ass developer demo.

Hands-On Play

Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi (DS)

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii)

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball (Xbox Live Arcade)

Legendary (Xbox 360)

Developer Demos

Developers from Red Fly Studio will be on hand to give detailed demos of Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars at various times during the show hours.

Developers from Replay Studios will be present to demo Velvet Assassin for all anxious onlookers.

Not only will there be a plethora of gaming goodness, but also be sure to stop by and meet the one and only Melinda Cohen; the model and voice actress bringing Violette Summer to life in Velvet Assassin.

Here’s a full listing with descriptions of titles that Gamecock has to offer the faithful Penny Arcade Fans.

Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi (Nintendo DS) and

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Nintendo Wii)

Developed by Red Fly Studio in Austin, Mushroom Men gives players the opportunity to jump into the fantastic microcosm that is the backyard battlefield. Join in the fight from a three inch perspective, creating devastating weapons from everyday items and teaming up with other sentient plant forms that’ll leave the enemy sliced and diced. Let the stylus be your rapier and the Wii Remote your crossbow as you cut down the multitude of household pests that threaten our very existence! Both titles will be available for hands-on access as well as special developer demonstrations of the Wii version at the booth.

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball (Xbox Live Arcade)

Developed by Blazing Lizard in Austin, Pirates vs. Ninjas™ Dodgeball brings the ancient debate to the apex of competitive sports. Dodgeballs in hand, the nautical outlaws square off against stealthy martial artists in beautifully designed 3-D environments. In addition to pirates and ninjas, gamers will also be able to unlock special zombie and robot teams. Each team has its own unique style and every character has its own devastating special move. The title will include Exhibition & Story that include traditional and enhanced dodgeball modes with multiplayer support for 4 players Local / 8 players Online.

Legendary (Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION3, PC)

Developed by Spark Unlimited in Los Angeles, Legendary centers on the greatest creatures of myth and lore, locked away by ancient forces in Pandora’s Box in order to preserve humanity. There they have spent eons waiting to be freed in order to rule the world once more. When a thief named Deckard is hired to steal an ancient artifact, he unwittingly triggers a war between man and myth. Now he is the only one capable of preventing the destruction of civilization. Giant griffons rule the skies and werewolves tear at the flesh of the innocent as cities are held under siege by creatures we’d dismissed as the imaginings of our ancestors. As the only person able to seal Pandora’s Box and return the beasts to their prison, Deckard must work with a shadowy secret paramilitary society to save our civilization before it’s torn apart by tooth and claw.

Velvet Assassin (PC, Xbox 360)

Developed by Replay Studios in Hamburg, Germany - players assume the role of Violette Summer – a British secret agent during World War II as she heads deep behind enemy lines with no support or official backing from the British Government. Violette risks her life fighting to defeat the German war machine one stealth mission at a time. Velvet Assassin combines lush, surreal visuals and a ground-breaking stealth combat system to deliver a gaming experience which is truly the first of its kind.

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