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Gamecock at E3

Or, rather, down the road at the Hotel Figueroa.

Cockpit, Austin, TX – May 9, 2008 – Gamecock Media Group today reiterated its intent to mock and take full advantage of the E3 Expo (or, since its death, the Media & Business Summit) each year. Given the recent cancellations by the largest multinational conglomerate and independent game developer invited last year, Mike Wilson, Grand Champeen of Gamecock, has also announced his candidacy for ESA President based on the platform of bringing the fun back to the gaming industry.

Full details are forthcoming; however, Gamecock will set up its campaign HQ at the lovely Hotel Figueroa this year, during the days of July 15-18. Invited are all gamers who love fun and just want to play games. No invitations or jumping through hoops required. This is what video games should be about.

“I read last week that some of my most high profile supporters are not happy with the current administration of the ESA. Many of them apparently feel that I am the right man to right the ship, before it sinks entirely, due to my intimate experience with, or at least near, the E3 Expo's of the past,” said Mike Wilson. “After a long conversation with my wife, we have decided to step forward and bear the slings and arrows of public life this election season. Since the macabre, but strangely high-spirited burial of E3 last year we are glad to see that it still has some life left in it. My only hope is that it can be rebuilt and become what the all-knowing gaming god intended it to be. Good luck and God bless.”

Make your voice heard. We’re just sayin’.

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