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Modelling clay game concept contest to be held this Friday in Nottingham with Keita Takahashi among the judges.

Nottingham, June (21st) – GameCity, the World’s best-loved videogames festival, today announced the first public, competitive fusion of videogames and modelling clay ever to grace a GameCityNights event. And possibly the rest of the World. The competition takes place during GameCityNights Episode 5, on June 25th at Antenna in Nottingham, 7pm.

Going hand in hand with the general theme of previous Nights events – high-profile developers giving privileged insights into their work coupled with a high-grade pub quiz, GameCity is developing the evening further - this time offering fans the chance to get a bit touchy-feely while helping to mould Nottingham in their own image.

With Keita Takahashi back in town to continue work on the World-first GameCity playground at Woodthorpe Park, friends are being given the chance to be a part of history by helping with the design process. Contestants will compete against the clock to sculpt their own play concepts from professional-grade plasticine, inspired by Keita’s seminal work, and submit their entries.

Judges include Keita and several engineers and landscape artists involved in the design and creation of the actual playground. Once the winner is picked, their submission will be incorporated into Keita’s work, immortalized forever alongside a gaming legend.**

*Actual craft materials will consist of plasticine. However, Play-Doh is far easier to work into a title. If anyone can work plasticine into a funny title, please email us.

** Maybe.



GameCity was launched and continues to be delivered by The Centre for Contemporary Play at Nottingham Trent University, with support and backing from a range of private and public sector partners. Since 2006 it has grown to become widely regarded as the best-loved videogame festival in the world. In 2008 NTU collaborated with the National Media Museum to launch the UK National Videogame Archive.

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*GameCityNights is a series of after-dark monthly events that brings together developers, students and players in a celebration and exploration of videogame culture - with prizes. Every month a brilliant headline speaker will be making their way to Nottingham to share their thoughts, passions and give a unique insight into their work.

Gamecity’s aim is to bring together developers and the public to explore and celebrate videogames and videogames culture, with a particular focus on students. We attract the best speakers in the world, offer up-and-coming artists and developers a platform for their games and create totally unique events.

Some of GameCity’s greatest hits include a world-record breaking zombie gathering, Keita Takahashi designing a children’s playground and Masaya Matsuura, Lorne Lanning, Alexey Pajitnov and Media Molecule having headlined.

We’ve worked alongside some of the most prominent names in gaming, including; Warner Bros, TTGames, Crytek, Activision, Namco Bandai, SCEE, Xbox, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Freestyle Games, David Braben, Media Molecule, Splash Damage, Harmonix, Jagex, Rare, Denki, Monumental Games, Midway, Introversion, Zoe Mode, ThatGameCompany, Nana-on-Sha and lots more.

Going way beyond just playing games, GameCity offers other new ways for people to interact with videogame culture. Art exhibitions, director commentaries, playground building, live recreations of videogames, gigs, gong-shows, three World Records, arcade trails, club nights - nothing is off limits for this most radical of videogame festivals.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have said after working with us,

GameCity looks poised to become our industry’s ?rst Sundance. A truly unique approach for hosting a game festival that seems long overdue.

Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants

GameCity is unique. Any games festival that can reunite industry legends, lead to a Japanese game developer designing a playground, and evoke religious sentiments in a shopping centre is doing something very right for sure.

Edge Magazine

The year’s most inventively programmed new arts festival.

The Times

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