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Android gaming machine announced.

GameBox is the  world’s first interactive gaming system to provide game and game-state storage  in the cloud. This cutting edge multimedia engine incorporates the core  components of Envizions’s EVO Smart Console system and includes new usability  features acquired from the complete EVO beta market  study.

“The overwhelming  success of the EVO beta unit is exciting. The strong demand for the system  continued well after all units were sold,” stated Derrick Samuels, CEO of  Envizions. “In addition, our research revealed the clear need for a  user-friendly cloud-based game storage system. Gamebox offers a more open and  more social experience. We listened to our users. We want the world to game with  us.”

The Gamebox  console gives users access to the extensive portfolio of embedded and  cloud-based Android games, applications and media through the Android  marketplace and the new GameBox application store. The Android Market achieved  market leading overall growth in 2010, including over 1 billion global  applications downloaded since its inception.

Gamebox includes  Envizions’s new back-up storage software - a powerful utility that lets users  store their game data files and back-up their play data, preventing against  accidental loss. The backup cloud storage will also let users save data from  other devices.

Gamebox provides a  cross-device environment that benefits players and developers. It supports both  application-based games designed for high-definition televisions and  networked-based games that are streamed over the cloud. Initially, developers  worldwide will be able to distribute games via the system. In the near future,  they will be able to stream games to users by system  update.

Gesture Controlled  Gaming

Envizions is  introducing thrilling new features including new gesture controlled gaming with  haptic response sensor capabilities. “In a sense, we want our system to be  alive,” states Samuels. “We want users to literally touch the  Internet.”

Developers are  invited to sign-up for a special account at and receive unlimited GameBox storage for $9.95 per month, as well as free  access to tools, the SDK, game distribution and support. Envizions will soon  provide more details about Gamebox on the website, including specifications,  pricing and new features.

                                                                                                                                     First Crowd Source Console

GameBox is the  first crowd source and social  participation console! Envizions uniquely lets customers participate in  the developmental roadmap of the console by  means of Twitter, FaceBook and  The community  can vote on the  system’s first launch location and the design and appearance of the console in  terms of color, package design and product image.   Users can also go to to support the GameBox project with direct pledges  that generate amazing rewards.  Voters can vote at @DerSamuels (for Twitter) and (for Facebook). Each voting period will last for  one month. Voting results will appear on the main Envizions website and other company social sites. Voting starts on  Tuesday January 18,  2011.

About Envizions:

Envizions was  incorporated on August 04, 2004 with the goal of developing cutting edge  entertainment solutions that satisfy consumer needs through efficiency,  innovation, quality, and communication.

For more  information about the Envizions GameBox console visit or

Envizions Computer Entertainment Corp.

 801-5 Noble St

 Anniston, Al 36201

 Ph: 1-866-256-1417  

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