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Gamebience's Cricket Life 2007 PC Game to release on 07-07-07

Worldwide release of the cricket computer game on July 07, 2007


Monday, February 26, 2007

Toronto, Canada

Gamebience, a Canada-based game developer and publisher announced 07-07-07 (July 07,2007) as worldwide launch for its premier game, Cricket Life 2007.

Announcing the release date, George Fredericks, Marketing Manager and PR Officer said, "We are delighted to announce 07-07-07 as the date for the worldwide release of Cricket Life 2007. Cricket Life 2007 is an unique game that will provide an unique experience to all gamers and thus we decided to release on this memorable date."

Speaking about the timing of the release, he added, "Gamers and cricket-lovers around the world will have an opportunity to continue the cricket fever within the game even after the world cup is over. As July is a holiday season in many countries around the world, we thought this would be the right time to release the game."

Commenting on the game, he also said, "This is a game that offers gamers a blend of action, strategy and management games. Cricket Life 2007 offers a stimulating gameplay that will make a lasting impact in the minds of the gamers."

As the name suggests, Cricket Life 2007 is a game that revolves around a cricket player's life. It lets gamers to control all major aspects of a cricketer's life, be it professional or personal life. The ultimate goal of the game is to become the greatest and richest cricketer of all time. To assist in this journey, the gamers may choose to use media, intelligence and strategy to defeat opponents, promote the cricketer through various ways and to stay and excel in the international level. Gamers may also invest the hard-earned in-game money to buy business, property to become the richest cricketer of all time. The player earns money through through signing club deals, sponsorship contracts, media deals and by growing the money through investments.

In the graphical side, there are over 40 in-game stadia from all around the world including Toronto and Abu Dhabi. The game also offers game community the ability to develop add-ons and extensions that will extend the playability and off-shelf life of the game.

For more information on the game, the gamers may visit www.gamebience.com or cricketlife2007.com

About Gamebience

Gamebience is a developer and publisher of interactive games in Toronto

Contact Information:

George Fredericks

Media/Public Relations Officer


Gamebience website: www.gamebience.com

Cricket Life 2007 game website: www.cricketlife2007.com

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