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15th November, London, UK -, one of the world's largest online gaming sites today announced the latest arenas that will be hitting its fast growing Xbox 360 Collection of Ladders in addition to its already existing Xbox 360 arenas spanning 6 games and home to 11 different ladders.

The announcement signals the release of both Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and Call of Duty 3 ladders at the weekend with 'kick off' tournaments in each of them letting clans battle it out to be crowned champion of Europe.

Rich McManners, Xbox 360 Platform Administrator commented "It is part of Gamebattles aim to increase friendly competition in games of all genres and by adding these two very different games to our arena list it will mean that people will always be able to find a ladder they wish in the genre that they prefer all in one place."

With over 1000 currently active clans across Europe with many more joining every day it appears that it is closer to achieving its aim in becoming one of the most widely used Gaming Clan sites throughout Europe, bringing together people from all nationalities into one place to compete in a wide games not normally offered from similar sites.

Playstation 2 European Arenas

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat


Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Socom 3

Socom 2

Sports (Covering PES5, PES6, FIFA 07, WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007)

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Xbox 360 Arenas

Gears of War

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Saints Row

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Call of Duty 3

Sports (Covering FIFA 07, PES6, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07)

Details of all ladders can be found at

About Gamebattles

Gamebattles supports the X-Box, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PC and Nintendo formats, with more than 700,000 different teams competing in tournament ladders across 40 game titles. The community numbers over 460,000 registered users and the site sees over 30 million page views per month. On 10th October 2006 they were aquired by Major Legaue Gaming (

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For more information regarding Gamebattles in Europe please contact Ryan Gillam:

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