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Campaign launched to help gamers achieve an active lifestyle.

OUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND, November 13, 2009 - Gamercize wants families to keep fit during the winter months and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, with the help of video games. Game4Life is a campaign to help be active, have fun, save time and money.

In partnership with Change4Life, Gamercize reaches new populations with its support for the NHS health promotion campaign’s key physical activity messages of “Up and About” and“60 Active Minutes”.

“Up and About” encourages less time to be spent in sedentary screen time, which can be converted into a heart pumping healthy alternative with Gamercize active gaming products. “60 Active Minutes” sets out a guideline for physical activity that Gamercize can also provide, with up to 650 calories per hour working out while gaming.

The promotional campaign code “game4life” will give families the opportunity to save some money with cash discounts from on a new product, the Gamercize Family Fit. This new healthy way of gaming for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii was shown on The Gadget Show and Stuff.TV this week.

The new 3 in 1 exergaming machine’s simplicity was explained by Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury “you can’t play unless you’re exercising” while the concept was demonstrated by co-host Suzie Perry “I just get immersed in gaming and don’t realise I’m exercising”.

The new Gamercize Family Fit works with every sedentary game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii to ensure appeal for every gamer can keep fit through the fun of video games. To keep non-gamers of the family moving, the top of the range Gamercize Family Fit also includes non-interactive recumbent cycling and static rowing.

Gamercize CEO, Richard Coshott adds “Gaming is part of everyday life for a large number of the population. Recently I was waiting with a mass of people for the latest Call of Duty title on release day and saw how massive the appeal is. With the new Gamercize Family Fit comes the opportunity to play games from Modern Warfare 2 to Mario Kart for fitness and health improvement. The benefits of Gamercize are it doesn’t feel like exercise while you’re playing and it doesn’t change the original game play.”

The Game4Life promotion will be valid until December 7th and will save customers £50, €70 or $100, depending on the currency selected, on the Gamercize Family Fit. Enter the code “game4life” during checkout to receive this discount. Check the company’s website where the full details of promotional codes and the new Gamercize Family Fit can be seen.


About Gamercize:

Gamercize, a British company behind world-wide patented electronic fitness accessories for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Wii, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. The company aim is to encourage fitness through motivation and enjoyment, by innovation in technology. Gamercize is an official partner of the Change4Life programme and member of the Fitness Industry Association.

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