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Game Websites Rank High Among Mobile Websites

In wireless portal rankings, GAMEVIL ranked highest among game companies

Los Angeles, California--November 20, 2007-- Last month, according to NIDA (National Internet Development Agency), GAMEVIL ranked the highest among all game companies in Korea in wireless portal rankings. With 309,855 visits from January 2007 to August 2007, GAMEVIL ranked 7th overall among all mobile portals.

Analysts say that the WINC address played a huge role in this. In GAMEVIL's case, the company is using "555", which is convenient for the end user to remember since the number is in the center of the keypad. WINC addresses are just like URLs or short codes that were adopted to enable easier access to a company's wireless portals.

Mr. Hwang, Manager of Community Operations at GAMEVIL Inc., stated, "GAMEVIL has been promoting the 555 WINC code across all carriers in Korea on all of its promotions. We believe it is becoming more and more popular due to the customer's increase of interest in mobile games. Games play a very huge part of the wireless data business. This shows that GAMEVIL is not only a top mobile game company, but one of the top mobile websites in Korea. "

The wireless portal with the largest amount of visits turned out to be the Bus Information Service in Daegu, one of the top 5 cities in Korea. Because of the easy access to phones nowadays, websites of bus companies, which show bus schedules, have been generating a lot of traffic lately. The most popular search engine company in Korea, Naver, was ranked 3rd with 640,592 visits during the term. Daum, another popular search engine, was ranked 5th with 467,056 visits. Among game companies, Com2Us was ranked 9th, garnering 191,347 visits during the term.

The following are the top 10 rankings.

1.Daegu Bus Information Service (WINC Code : 2874636) : 2,103,753

2.GyungGi Bus Information Service (WINC Code : 4247) : 973,031

3.Naver (WINC Code : 369) : 640,592

4.Korean Business TV (WINC Code : 969) : 582,862

5.Daum (WINC Code : 3355) : 467,056

6.Mobile 365 (WINC Code : 365) : 342,688

7.GAMEVIL (WINC Code : 555 ) : 309,855

8.GwangJu Bus Information Service (WINC Code : 5700) : 289,500

9.Com2Us (WINC Code : 777) : 191,347

10.Mobile Pang Pang (WINC Code : 2111) : 63,035


GAMEVIL is a premier global mobile games publisher headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and Seoul, Korea. Since its founding in 2000, GAMEVIL has earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the mobile games sector by crafting 10 award winners in a diverse portfolio of over 60 games. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. As a world class leader in mobile game publishing, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establish mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment platform for the world.


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