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Game Tunnel Magazine Launched

September 1, 2006 - Game Tunnel ( a website dedicated to Independent Games is proud to announce the debut and launch of its free magazine. Game Tunnel Magazine ( is the first magazine focused entirely on Independent, Downloadable and Casual Games.

"The idea behind Game Tunnel has always been to make people more aware of Indie games. The website has served this role valiantly for years and will continue to do so into the future. However, with the advent of Independent games on the Xbox 360 adding to the increased interest in Casual games (a sub-set of Independent Games), the time has come for a magazine focused specifically on Independent games. Game Tunnel Magazine is getting its start as an ezine to make itself accessible to more people than a typical print magazine (though an additional printed version of the magazine is a planned-for possibility). The magazine is especially targeted at those who are interested in Indie games, but don't know where to start in the world of Independent Games," said Editor-in-Chief Russell Carroll.

Game Tunnel Magazine is a quarterly publication connecting both mainstream gamers and non-gamers alike to the unsung world of Independent Games. Providing a variety of editorial features including reviews, previews, interviews and a wide array of information not found anywhere else (including Game Tunnel Magazine provides a unique look at what is perhaps the most innovative piece of the gaming world. The magazine is currently available as an ezine in .pdf format from both and

Magazine Features include:

- Completely free Downloadable version

- Editorials on Independent Game Development, Serious Games, Multiplayer Games, and Independent Games

- Casual and Console game coverage from an Independent Games perspective

- Previews of many up-coming Independent Games

- Interviews with real live Independent Game Developers

- Quarterly Round-up of the best games released in the last quarter, featuring 3 reviews by industry veterans on each game and a composite score

- Game information not found anywhere else

- Released Quarterly

About Game Tunnel

Game Tunnel ( was created in 2002 with the goal mainstream gamers aware of the Independent Gaming scene. Since its launch Game Tunnel has published over 600 reviews of Independent (or Indie as it is commonly known as) Game titles. It's most popular articles include the monthly round-up, which features a panel of well-known industry veterans who review the majority of independent games released each month, and the end of the year awards, which highlight the best Independent Games each year. In addition Game Tunnel has a regular schedule of independent game-related features including previews, developer Q&As, multiple column offerings and news stories to along with a large section of downloads.

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