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GAME to push online user recommendations

Specialist retailer hopes community feedback will yield larger purchases, and return visits

GAME has added new functionality to its website to encourage a stronger sense of community, with the hope of driving "increased basket sizes and repeat purchases" online.

The technology is being provided by Avail Intelligence, and will feature a much greater emphasis on feedback from users, in order to form the basis for recommended related purchases, according to PrecisionMarketing.

Alex Croft, GAME's online business managing director explained: "Driving an effective, exciting and engaging online response is crucial for GAME's future strategy, and building a strong online community for our visitors forms a central element.

"By improving the relevance of our customers' searches, we're providing an appealing shopping experience, that will in turn enable GAME to hit performance targets in terms of increased basket sizes and repeat purchases."

Last month the retailer offered customers free Xbox Live points in return for pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto IV, due in the UK on April 29.

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