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Game Technology Association brings hardware and software together

Event organiser Game Initiative has announced plans to set up the Game Technology Association, a peer networking group for companies creating games software and hardware technologies.

The association will serve all those involved in creating interactive entertainment for consoles, PC, handheld and mobile devices, consumer electronics and the Internet.

Qualified participants include development application and tools providers, middleware and development software companies, console publishers, art, animation and audio tools studios, video, audio and graphics firms and peripherals manufacturers.

"The game industry is maturing at a rapid pace. New platforms are emerging from established industry players as well as new companies to the industry," said Christopher V. Sherman, executive director of the Game Initiative and Game Technology Association.

"New software tools, technologies and peripherals continue to push the envelope for creativity and game play, in some cases blurring the lines between games and other forms of entertainment. Production values continue to increase and new game formats are being created."

The annual Game Technology Meeting, which takes place in San Francisco on June 7, is intended to offer an informal forum where hardware and software technology companies can meet to discuss industry issues and opportunities. Game Initiative says the event will be unique in that game developers and publishers will not be in attendance.

Membership of the association is not required, but the cost per attendee is $99 and online registration must be completed by May 22. More information is available on the association's website.

Other Game Initiative projects includ the Austin Game Conference, the Women's Game Conference, the Advertising in Games Forum and the Casual Games Conference.

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