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Game Snacks releases Falling Heads

Most people have played Head on a Stick and wondered, what happens to the heads that fall off the sticks?

Well, here's the answer!

Move your cardboard box left and right to catch the heads before they hit the ground. And if you've not got a box handy, just grab a stick and pop the heads instead! Avoid the anvils and the fiery hell heads, they won't do you any good at all.

If you do well, you'll be catching heads well in to the night!


Unique head catching gameplay Speed Up, Head Frenzy and Head Magnet Up to four players competition mode High scores, on your phone and online from www.rumblex.com

About Game Snacks

Game Snacks games are designed for the new wave of casual mobile phone gamer. Simple, fun, Quick, multiplayer, high scoring and Free! You can always do better and you'll always have time for one more go. Never get bored on the bus again! Take a look at more great titles at www.freegamesnacks.com (coming soon)

Game Snacks was founded by Under Siege Studio, Game Snacks games are currently available for download from www.gamejump.com

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