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Game Snacks mobile phone games.

Under Siege Studio announces Game Snacks, mini-games available exclusively through GameJump, using GreyStripe's ad-wrapping system - all for free on your mobile phone.

With Game Snacks we aim to bring highly addictive games to the casual audience. You will never see long winded games that have you staring at your phone's small screen for hours on end. You will be able to play a game to completion in the 5 minutes while waiting for a bus or train and then enter your high-score online - short enough not to get in the way of your everyday life, yet playable and addictive enough to keep you interested in having another go!

All Game Snacks mini-games will feature 4 player hot-phone (pass the phone around) gameplay so you can compete with your friends (in the pub), high score tables and online high score tables from Orange Pixel's system.

Available so far:

- Shark Attack

- Game Snacks Archery

- Cats in a Flap

Coming Soon:

- Head on a Stick

- Salami Slicer

Game Snacks web site coming soon. Download Game Snacks mini-games for free from

About Under Siege Studio

Under Siege Studio was founded at the end of 2005 by Carl Trelfa. The first release was Mobile Bungee, a unique Bungee Jumping simulation, now available for free from

Their current flagship title is a puzzle game called Fruit Squash, which is being published by Orange Pixel and in China (translated) by Handinroll. Their current focus is the Game Snacks mini-game brand.

Under Siege Studio is currently working on a new web site and a Game Snacks portal, in the mean time, please visit or email for more information.

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