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"Game reviewers are lazy," says AIAS president

Former Eidos exec slams journalists for not providing true critical analysis

The president of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has said that he believes games journalist are lazy when it comes to reviewing games.

Joseph Olin, a former Eidos executive, said that reviewers don't spend enough time playing games, and that there are "a lot of game critics, but very little critical analysis".

"My pet peeve is that game reviewers are lazy," he told Shacknews.

"Not all, but in terms of the reviews [something like] 'This game isn't as good because let's compare it to that game over there and that game was great.' Who gives a, you know, bleep?"

"How can you review a game, how can you give a comment about a game like Grand Theft Auto IV, that has 40-plus hours or more of gameplay, if you've only spent 2 and a half to 3 hours playing it?"

"It would be like reviewing a movie but only seeing the opening, first reel. I don't think that's fair, or is it accurate," he said.

Olin has been at the AIAS since 2004, and previously worked at Tomb Raider publisher Eidos as vice president of marketing.

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences counts multiple leading publishers and developers on its board of directors including Epic Games, Ubisoft, Microsoft, EA and Nintendo.

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