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Game People in The Escapist

Column established.

Having admired the awesome writers and amiable style of The Escapist ( from afar, we are excited to announce that Game People is going to provide a weekly column for their hallowed pages. The feature will be called Game People Calling and starts on Sunday 10th January.

The idea took seed as Rebecca Mayes found her home and audience with The Escapist after starting out with Game People. With a growing crowd of other Game People writers and creatives talking, writing and drawing about games, it simply made sense to share their creations with folk at The Escapist.

Game People Calling will alternate between the best of the content from our artisan writers and something purely original. Either way, the column will focus on how games fit with everyday life and will be crammed full of the usual anecdotes and reactions.

Once it starts you will find it popping up on The Escapist's ( front page, nestled amongst the other columnist on the Features page and on the Game People Calling home page.

Please email with ideas/suggestions for column topics.

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