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Game People - Family Gamer Awards

Autumn winners announced.


The penultimate set of FGA games have been announced and highlight games that work well in each age group. Winter awards will be announced November 31st before the voting opens for the FGA Game of the Year.

Infant: Wii-Party http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/family_wii_wiiparty.htm

Junior: Pinball Pulse http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/microcosm_ds_pinballpulseancients.htm

Students: Just Dance 2 http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/family_wii_justdance2.htm

Workers: Halo Reach http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/family_360_haloreach.htm

Parents: Limbo http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/returning_360_limbo.htm

Seniors: Tiger Woods 11 http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/familyguide_wii_tiger11.htm

The Family Gamer Awards FGA suggests ideal games for different family age-groups: Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors.

These awards complement PEGI's age-appropriate ratings by suggesting games each age group will enjoy. Rather than warning families about which games are inappropriate, we suggest which games each age group will get the most out of.

The games awarded for infants for example, not only contain appropriate content for 3 year olds but are also easy enough for them to play and enjoy.

Four times a year we pick the best games in each of our family age groups:

Spring: February 28th Summer: July 28th Autumn: October 31st Winter: November 31st Family Game of the Year: December 20th More family focused game coverage can be found on the Family Gamer website http://www.familygamer.co.uk/. This includes coverage of new technology like Kinect ( http://www.familygamer.co.uk/console_360_kinect.htm) and Move ( http://www.familygamer.co.uk/console_ps3_move.htm) for families, as well as the current platforms ( http://www.familygamer.co.uk/consoles.htm).

Family Game Awards Submission Process

We have formalised the process this year to ensure our judges have the same access to each game:

Send only two copies to the FGA Nomination address:

FGA Nomination Samples

PO Box 679



Email a word document overview of the game with the subject line "Family Gamer Award Nomination" to editor@familygamer.co.uk. Deadlines as follows: Spring: Submission deadline February 28th Spring: Award announced March 7th Summer: Submission deadline July 28th Summer: Award announced August 7th Autumn: Submission deadline October 31st Autumn: Award announced November 7th Winter: Submission deadline November 31st Winter: Award announced December 7th Game of the Year: Reader vote from December 7th - December 14th Game of the Year: Announced December 20th


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