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Game Ops signs up its hundredth contractor

Freelance development staff agency Game Ops has signed up its 100th contractor, giving it one of the widest bases of talent in the industry with freelance staff covering all areas of activity from coding, art, animation, audio engineering, testing and production.

The milestone has been reached just as the consultancy celebrates its first birthday, with growth at the company continuing apace. Two new staff have been signed up to help capitalise on this success, with Steph Woods joining as operations director and Peter McDowall joining as business development manager.

"The games industry continues to evolve and the requirement for freelance staff is growing rapidly," according to Woods. "Game Ops is already extending services into Europe and further afield. With the new services and staff we are perfectly positioned to provide the industry with the services it requires to remain competitive and professional."

Indeed, Game Ops, which was founded by industry veteran and former DMA Design development director Jim Woods, believes that the outsourcing model which it evangelises is the best way forward for game development both in the UK and elsewhere, arguing that the demise of several studios recently has highlighted the weaknesses in the way that development is structured at the moment.

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