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Game On Reaches The Next Level

Exclusive Series Of Events And Lectures Begin On November 1st.

Monday 30th October/... Game On, the definitive videogaming exhibition currently being hosted at London's Science Museum, begins its complimentary series of weekly talks, presentations, lectures and debates on Wednesday November 1st. Coinciding with special 9pm closing hours for the exhibition, the events will take place at the Science Museum's innovative Dana Centre and will continue throughout the exhibition's run until February 2007.

Key figures from the UK videogames industry will give their unique insights into every aspect of the art, from control methods to the history of key franchises and the evolving nature of videogame development, as well as debating and discussing the sociological, psychological and physiological effects of interactive entertainment.

These exclusive events offer visitors an incredible chance to explore the culture and science of videogames in a depth previously unavailable to the public, as well as gaining unprecedented access to figures on the forefront of videogaming culture. Providing a package that shouldn't be missed by anyone with even a passing interest in videogaming, combination tickets can be bought to allow access to both the events and the exhibition, which will close at 9pm on the event days.

Gaetan Lee, events organiser, said: "It is very exciting to see how important gaming has become when the cultural and technological developments are so hotly debated and discussed. The special events presented here at the Science Museum will give people a unique opportunity to look at these developments and how gaming has really come of age."


For the events alone, tickets are priced at £7 per evening. For the event and entry to the Game On exhibition, the cost is just £11.


Call 0870 870 4868 (booking fee applies). Tickets are strictly limited, so early booking is strongly advised. All talks are 45 minutes long, with an opportunity to put questions to the speaker at the end.

The events:

1 November, 19.00-20.00

Dancemats and Joysticks: Who's playing now?

Nicolas Rodriguez, Kuju Studios

Gameplay used to be all about waggling joysticks and the frantic pressing of buttons. But now we can use buzzers, microphones, cameras and dance mats to entertain ourselves. Find out how these devices are changing the video games we play and the people who are playing them with Nicolas Rodriguez, producer of Kuju Studios.

13 November, 19.00-20.00

Ten Years of Lara

Ian Livingstone, Eidos Interactive

In 1996 a new video game and its star burst into our lives. A decade on and Lara Croft is now a major gaming icon, starring in her own movies and comic books. Join Ian Livingstone of Eidos Interactive for a special ten-year anniversary talk about this virtual heroine's past, present and future.

20 November, 19.00-20.00

Gaming: Now and then

David Braben, Frontier Development

Video games have changed in the last 20-30 years. Once we were content with electronic ping pong, now our games have storylines, characters and amazing graphics. Join David Braben, UK games designer, as he looks at how games have developed and his experiences of developing the classic game Elite as well as new titles like The Outsider.

28 November, 19.00-20.00

Gaming in Mind

Professor Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University

Do video games represent a new way to learn and interact in our increasingly digital world? Or do they make us more violent and addicted to the gaming buzz? Find out about the psychology of interactive technology and video games today with Professor Mark Griffiths.

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