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Game Initiative plots break in at pre-E3 conference

The Game Initiative has announced that it is set to hold a conference in Los Angeles directly ahead of the E3 trade show in May, aimed at providing attendees with information and advice about breaking into the games industry.

The full-day program will give attendees an overview of the industry and how it works, as well as explaining what employers are looking for from candidates for various roles and providing an opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Partially sponsored by the University of Advancing Technology, the event costs $60 in advance ($75 on the door) and will be held on May 8th at Mount St. Mary's college in Los Angeles.

"The game industry generates more revenue annually than Hollywood's movie industry and many are asking how to get into the business," explained Christopher Sherman, Game Initiative executive director. "This comprehensive program will identify trends and requirements as well as the qualifications and skill-sets that are in demand in the game industry. The casual nature of this event allows attendees an unprecedented opportunity to interact with industry veterans, ask questions, gain valuable contacts and understand the business."

More information and registration is available online at the [Game Initiative site].

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