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Game Industry Blog Takes Off

For Immediate Release

October, 2007

After just two months the video game industry blog Bruceongames is having great success. Already 11,000 visitors from around the world have viewed the daily articles. These include well known game journalists and senior industry executives; many of who now receive the articles by RSS feed.

The blog covers analysis of news events, marketing tips, anecdotal musings and predictions for the future of the industry. Over 80 articles have included Sony are wasting their time with the PSP , Those silly Germans , The TV industry is losing badly , Will Sony ever make Playstation 4? and Are social networking and MMORPGs the same thing?

Bruceongames has received accolades from the press The Weekend Gamer said "One of my absolute favorite sites for gaming has got to be Bruceongames" and "Bruceongames.com is so appealing to me. The conversation has, so far in the short life of the site, maintained a high degree of intelligence that is refreshing."

The author of the blog, Bruce Everiss, is very happy with the success: "It takes application to come up with the content for a new article every weekday, but it is worth the effort when I see how popular Bruceongames has become in such a short time"

Further information Bruce Everiss +44 (0) 1926 612094

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